Form-Plast S.A. it is company established in 1978 by Polish investors and from small family firm, which roots reach three generations back, has converted into energetic company with European standard. Into compositon of Form-Plast enter the tools department – and from many years Form-Plast provides very professional moulds for automotive, electric, air industry, the same as for general using. Due to investments for new technologies, Form-Plast characterize systematical development and innovation.


1978 - establishment of company; production of first household plastic parts to local market;
1979-1982 - extention of number of injection moulding machines and widening of own production line;
1982-1990 - establishment of first toolworkshop and fast development – extension of machinery park;
1990-1997 - further investments in toolworkshop and introduction of CAD/CAM;
1998 - Form-Plast takes over a company El-Plast at Torunska 143 street.

1999 and later - continuation of reconstruction of new facility,

  • new toolworkshop activity launched, based on latest CNC equipment,
  • intensive training of employees,
  • modernization of injection moulding department computer controlled,
  • purchase of new resin driers with automatic shipment of materials to machines,
  • implementation of quality systems,
  • setting of Painting department for plastic parts,
  • building of new warehouse,
  • new painting line facility.

2006 - Automated painting line.

2008 - On the 3 of March 2008 district court in Bydgoszcz registered convertion of Form-Plast Limited Liability Company into Form-Plast Joint Stock Company.  

2010 - Receipt of three grants from the European Union and the start of construction of new production and warehouse hall.
2011 - Completion of the new facility and the purchase of 18 injection moulding machines with clamping forces up to 4000 Tonnes.
2011 - The company expanded its operations by line of six presses with the load of 500 Tonnes for stamping metal and aluminum sheet.