Repairs of moulds:
Continuity of production is key question, it adds many problems for producers of mouldings repeatedly. Form-Plast sp. z o.o., understanding requirements of our clients, assures immediate reconnaissance the manner of fault removal and come-backs of full productive readiness. We face each other with situation many times, in which takes a stand the lack of engineering documentation of form. It does not present a significant problem for us. Proper engineering back in the form of possibility for modeling surface owning, we be able to restore original condition of tool.

Mould trials:

There is not finished making of form after its installing. All our moulds come under multi-hour tests in real conditions approximated for productive department of our clients. Our productive back allows conducting of trial on injection machines with clamping force
from 35 to 3.000 tons.

Technologies of injection:

  • 1-component injection
  • 2-components injection
  • spraying metal inserts
  • inert gas injection
  • Heat & Cool injection